Weekly wrap up, and monthly plans.

Thank goodness for pay day. The sock and its yarn has been sent off to the US. I’m assured it’ll be there by the end of next week. We’ll see,

The solidarity squares for Corrine at thicket are just about done. I should finish the last one off tomorrow.

The next Henry has been languishing neglected for a little while, and should be done fairly shortly. Only 28 rows to go.

The iknit scarf I think is going to become a moebius cowl – there’s one pattern written for the yarn, and I don’t like how the colours are pooling in the so-called scarf herringbone stitch.

I’ve got the pattern to Vinnland, which is what my Knittery “Earth” is destined to become. I’m afraid I like my socks toe-up. No grafting there. Am looking forward to seeing what I get in the sock roulette as well. Very exciting.

It’s the Magpie’s birthday this month, and I’m also thinking of casting on the basic vest from Men’s Knits. He chose some Felted Tweed in “herb” – and I’m sure it’ll look lovely.

So there’s my socks and big project. Tinuvel can wait until Easter, as can my Clapotis, methinks.

I’ve just been handed a big chunk of trans-Australian library courses to prepare and run, so that’s getting slotted in with the thesis. Funny, now that’s I’ve got some ‘professional’ work that I can procrastinate on by doing my thesis, I’m a lot more relaxed. I think 8 years of university life has conditioned my psyche, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

My Knitted Hug was very well received. I usually hate being present when people open gifts I’ve made, but it was worth being there to see the look on Bells’ face when she realised just was the little box contained. It’s moments like that which really confirm my belief in knitted hugs. And yes Bells, you deserve it. 🙂

More editing to do – voice recognition software is doing well in the general blabbing I do for blogging, but you should see some of the stuff it has come up with for my thesis. Man alive, it’s a pretty trippy read in places.