It turned colder, that’s where it ends…

Well, I can’t see it turning colder here for a while, even if it is the last day of summer. So that wraps up a Lazy Lacy Summer and SSS.

Here are my pieces (sans the Woodland Shawl, because it was in the car, and is still only 8 repeats long, and the Blackrose socks, which fits into both categories, because the leg isn’t long enough to fully appreciate the pattern, yet). This year I need to get some sock blockers and blocking rods. ASAP.

First Up – Lazy Lacy Summer:

1. Tinuvel (Ene’s Scarf). I’m afraid she hasn’t been touched since Australia Day weekend. It’s been too hot and I’ve had presents to knit. I’m up to the endless decreases, so quite a ways further than that photo. The Malabrigo lace is incredibly soft, but a devil to tink or frog. I don’t recommend ripping back this stuff. It only needs a week’s concerted effort to finish this one off in time for winter, so I’ve got it on hold until the Easter holidays.

2. Spring Forward, another toe-up by me for Sock Roulette. I’ll write up the toe-up specs for my “victim” and possibly Ravelry in the next few days. Knitted in trekking XXL on 2.25mm needles. I am very impressed with the colourway, it makes the lace pop quite nicely.

3. Knitted Hug #1. (Swallowtail Shawl #2 sans nups). Knitted in Trekking XXL on 4mms. Notes about this baby are on Ravelry.

4. SeaSwirl – knitted in Live2Knit Mae Seaglass, challenge prize from the TdFKAL2008. This stuff is incredible to knit with. I really love it. The pattern was lovely too. This pattern in a gold or silvery yarn would be quite gorgeous for an evening cowl.

5. Elwing’s Shawl (Swallowtail #1 sans nups). Knitted in Shaeffer Anne on 4mm needles. First triangular shawl/ “proper” lace. I love it. The mohair sheds like nothing else, but I love it.

6. Poinsettia – Knitty Winter 2008 – The Knittery Cashmere sock “Cherries” on 3.75mm. I’m so sad that The Knittery is on an extended/permanent hiatus. I really love her yarn and her colours. This one reminded me of choc-cherry ice cream – it is gorgeous. Knitted for my poor cousin who was/is freezing in Wimbledon. Lovely pattern, will make one for me.

(not pictured)
7. Woodland Shawl – Waratah Fibre’s laceweight “Desert Sunset” on 4mm needles. My emergency car knitting.

8. Blackrose – The Knittery Chubby Sock in “Earth” on 2.75mm circs. Again, I love The Knittery, and this pattern rocks. I just hope I can get the toe grafting right…

Not bad. More to come, especially once I get the birthday knitting done and onto the good stuff.
I think I like lace.

Now, SSS:

I am actually very surprised at the sock count. There was a pair of Thujas that missed the start of SSS by 3 days and there’s the Blackrose that’ll miss it by about a week. For somebody who only knitted her first pair of socks last August, I think I’ve done well. And the sock bug has bitten me too. 5 pairs here and a total count of 7 (well, 6.5 – Sock Roulette is half a pair). Yay me! I feel accomplished!

1. Sock Routlette (see note above)
2. Dad’s Birthday Thujas – Trekking XXL brown marl on 4mm circs (yarn held double)
3. Dad’s Christmas Thujas – Trekking XXL in orange-green-brown mix on 4mm circs (yarn held double) – Dad likes hand knitted socks and he likes his socks thick. This pattern is an instant winner.
4. Spring Forward – first socks for me – adapted the pattern to toe-up. Knitted in Koigu KPPPM on 2.5mm circs. I love these socks and live in them. I need more!!!
5.Magpie’s Smooshy Study Socks – (to all Kiwi’s out there, another pair of Red Socks). Knitted in Zara “Red Marl” on 4mm circs. The Thuja pattern without the ribbing. Very quick and easy.

I’ve discovered the joy of the sock, and I’m going to get Cookie A’s new book when it comes out. The Blackrose is fantastic and I’m enjoying the pattern, but I far prefer the toe-up version. I think I’m going to tackle Baudelaire properly this year, and maybe the toe-up variation of the Jaywalkers… oh the possibilities!

In thesis news, the chapter is done but not off – I hate writing introductions first and there are so many gaps due to my not knowing what I’m going to find yet that it’s still sitting on my usb key. I’m going to be doing some explaining to my panel on Monday, but this is my thesis and I’ll write it how I want to, damnit. Now I am able to play with the structure and content of my chapters proper. Which section do I want to research and write up this fortnight? That’s better. Ah… My way. It’s always easier to not fight things and go with the way that works. Less stress, more progress. I think I like this…