Hopefully, it will rain tonight

That’s all I ask, rain up here, please?

Happy Valentine’s day to those who celebrate it. I got a beautiful Gund bear, much like the one I bought mom last year for Mother’s Day; and a fabulous, fabulous porcini risotto (made with vermouth, not wine) – it was the Magpie’s first attempt, using the Jamie Oliver basic risotto recipe. Top Marks – my Magpie was quite possibly a chef in his last life, of that I’m almost positive.

The sudden turn to knitting weather has made my internal computer come quite close to overloading. As long as the weather decides to stay cool now, I think I’ll be fine. I don’t know if I could handle any more of those hot days… (also, it means the knitting is going at a cracking pace. One and a half more repeats of the pattern for my punt in the sock roulette, and then I can cast on Blackrose). Also, I’m dying to get the next IK – from the preview, it appears to have the most promising selection I have seen (yet) in the few subscriptions I have. The quill shawl is mine, and the Bar jersey – the Magpie’s been after one of them for a while, and there are at least another 3 or 4 patterns I’m excited with. Not bad IK. I look forward to seeing what it all looks like on paper.

Anyway, going to freeze at the lake tomorrow for a birthday party, and maybe thaw out with the completion of a sock, or maybe a bit more knitted hug (more on that later), or maybe even some more scarf. I like weekends. Compulsory time out from the Pensky File is a good thing. Now I’ve just got to convince my brain of that.

Enjoy your weekend all!