Rain, rain, come again

My gods, what a week. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson (again) about who to trust and the joys of fair weather friendship. You’d think I’d have learnt that lesson the first or second time around, but clearly not. Anyway, one needs to remember that 80% of your communication comes from non-verbal tags, so when there’s nothing else to go on – well then. Then I wish for days when the internet didn’t exist. But a former best friend once said (ironically one of those lessons I didn’t learn) tell the person what’s bothering you, and move on. Karma will do the rest. Been there, done that, and enough is now enough. I have moved on.

I’m actually quite excited – I got a text from one of my dearest cousins at about 1am this morning (I forgive her, she lives in the UK) – basically there are a few pairs of booties and baby blankets that I can knock up out of my stash. Very, very exciting too, because there is the possibility that I’ll get to see quite a bit of the spud next year. Fingers crossed for her though, but it is exciting.

Also, how can I not say this – but Black Caps- I love you guys!!!! No seriously, I was looking forward to the Chappell-Hadlee with so much trepidation (after last year’s can anybody blame me) – but these boys… I’m so impressed! Looking forward to tomorrow night. I don’t think they’ll make number three, but still, well done boys!

Anyway, I have tweaks to do and aircon to return to. So glad I’m not in Melbourne right about now. whew!