Over the hills and far away…

There was a weekend away with some of the rock stars of the Australian eastern seaboard knitting world (IMHHO anyway). I think Oscar summed up the weekend nicely.

Yeah. That pretty much says it all.

There were menfolk around to tease and be teased (and cook… and boy did they cook), and there was swimming, and house pr0n, and yarn pr0n, and knitting, and laughing, and hangovers, and garter stitchth squareth, and sangria, and music nostalgia, and twilight pr0n, and swimming, and pav, and c00kies, and paella, and chorizo, buffy and captain tightpants discussions, and Bob the Builder (and Buzz Lightyear), and knitting, and frogging, and knitting again, and lace, and clapotii, and eating, and drinking, and tennis, and wine in the pool, and erecting shade sails (how many combined degrees did that take?!), and the dawn chorus, and puppies (I don’t care how old they are, they’re all puppies, thank you), and one of the best weekends. EVAR!!!!

Anyway, here is proof that Tinuvel is growing (shrinking?) – I highly recommend not tinking back malabrigo lace. It is the devil.

And the beginnings of the myrtle scarf… I’ll let Bells and Kylie chronicle that – all I can say is mmmmzephyr…

And the glorious view we had to behold for the long weekend. Who could grow tired of that?

It was so lovely escape for the weekend, and just have time to talk knitting, and other fun stuff, play with PJ and PG, and put faces to blog. Thanks all – may there be more!