We interrupt this silence with a transmission…

Whew, I’m quite the intrepid traveller at the moment. While it was nice to be back in Melbourne, my own bed (albeit for a few days) is even better.

I’m afraid I’m an exceedingly boring person with nothing really to report. I plan to get a significant chunk of the rest of Tinuvel done this weekend. Some more SSS socks done for the Magpie (who went and bought Zara of his own accord because he wanted smooshy socks. He has proved himself adept at yarn snobbery. I could almost burst with excitement! (And he beat me to buying Zara) Oh, and finishing the ribbing on my brother’s pullover (but that’s bus knitting).

I’ve got some serious present knitting to do this year, so my lace list has been replaced with year goals… mmmmyeah. Also, I have given up on bloglines, started using the blogger buzz (and google reader), and am well impressed with the results. The constantly updating list of posts from bloggers I’m following makes me a very happy person.

What else – the thesis goes apace – I see my primary supervisor tomorrow before he disappears off to HK. Anyway – on that note I should go and do some more work. Oh, and work out what to knit this weekend… I don’t want to run out now… ;D