TGIF – it’s been a looong two weeks.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I set off from Box Hill station at 6.59 to go stand in a line forever at the Southern Cross Station to get on a train to take me home. I like the train. I just must never take lace knitting on a train. This can be a very. bad. thing. Anyway, not too much damage done, I’ve spent the last two weeks reading and writing up my introduction like mad, overheating, knitting, watching cricket and tennis, eating chocolate cupcakes, mangoes, strawberries and watermelon, and getting phone calls from a very lonely Magpie stuck in Perth. Being a little person in a big house, is, as I have said on many an occasion, not a fun thing to do.

But, salvation is nigh! Tomorrow I fly back to the lovely land of Melbourne to find my Magpie, and then spend Monday and Tuesday in one of the best uni library’s I’ve seen in Australasia – Monash – where I can then make a list of all the books I’m going to need to interloan in the next 6 weeks. (I like Monash, it feels like a uni should… Like Otago did. Strange – also the scene of my first international conference many moons ago, but I’m on a sugar buzz and digressing). And then, I get to drive back with my Magpie and have a full house again. And a cook for the year… mwahahaha. I can’t wait.

The Tinuvel has been mocking me, and I’d feel guilty to start something else with her not finished (also, the shortage of 4mm circs proves a problem), and so I’ve battled my way to 25% done. From the comments on ravelry, things will start going along at a clipping pace in around another 32 rows… I’ve just got to get there. But this Malabrigo laceweight is phenomenal… so light, so warm – so smooshy. I may even begin to love this pattern soon. Anyway, there’s a rumour that row 53 is the 50% point… I’m 10 rows off… I may do that tonight. it’ll make me feel better. And there’s cricket on. Hah!

I love Fridays. Especially with the prospect of Magpies, knitting, and happy uni campuses are in my near future.

A bientot!