Eä! Let these things Be!

Back in the ‘Berra. It was a quiet NYE – The Magpie and I, along with his brother and father went to the new Village Cinema at the Westfield Doncaster to watch Quantum of Solace (again). It was better this time, we could actually hear the words. The sound in the Odeon Leicester Square was so loud everything distorted and I spent the entire film blocking my ears. We were home by 11, and I was in bed just after 12. And so the yarn diet begins.

Not that I actually feel like knitting in this heat (or at all) at the moment anyway. My Tinúviel (Ene’s Scarf) is going to be a real labour of love. I’ve just, just about finished the border and it’s driving me crazy. It looks gorgeous, and feels gorgeous – but the needles are not helping matters, and the repeats are boring me to tears. So I guesstimate it may be finished by June. There is so many other choices to knit though – I don’t know where to start – and crunch time has begun for the thesis prep – even though I’ve just had to request 82 books from storage because I don’t know what relevant passages are in which volume. So at least another day of waiting for Godot there. Also, its lonely. The Magpie is in Perth for a conference for the next two weeks: marketing himself for a postdoc somewhere. And it’s been a difficult time.

Thank you for all your well wishes. It turns out dad had a heart attack at the beginning of November which was misdiagnosed as Tietze’s Syndrome by staff at the Hospital A&E department, and still managed to finished 5 weeks of high school teaching and admin on half a functioning heart. The specialists managed to fix him on the 31st and released him on the 1st. New year, new beginnings. But a very, very close shave. One that we didn’t realise until he was on the table. Luckily, I still have my dad around for – I can only hope – many more years, but it does put life into perspective. I’m going heart-smart from here on in.

But all that doom and gloom aside, I’m sitting in my brand new, albeit very dusty office with the fan on full because this building is too old for air conditioning. Whew. They assure me this is my last move around the department, and I do hope so. Like I said – deadlines have begun to loom – the first one in Friday-week… Eep! At least I’m excited now. I also have birthday presents to start knitting… so more decisions to make. But first – which lace should I cast on tonight? I wonder…

PS: My word for the year is breathe