I’m going to be late!

What a bad faerie I have been. No, that’s not right – I’ve been a very busy faerie, spazzing-out over presents (the family are getting hand-made and a little something else this year), packing up my office (I get a new one, along with the panel and the topic), getting a new panel and topic, and generally trying to catch up on everything I missed out on in the month I was away. And then, I discover — much to my surprise — that I’m actually off to Aotearoa this time next week. Heavens! I’m having a White Rabbit moment here.

It’ll be great though. I’ve got a five days in Windy Wellington, and I bought mom a birthday ticket to meet me there for four of them. She’s never been to the capital (having done the rest of NZ), and this will be her first holiday without dad (and our first girls week out). That makes me really excited. Pottering around without without people standing outside, sighing and looking at their watches… walking around Wellington’s incredible botanic gardens, which could take us all four days by itself, but I’m not sure if the weather will play ball. Shopping down Cuba Street, showing her Te Papa (I’ll miss the Monet exhibition. Bummer), and doing a few Heritage Walks. All pending on the weather, of course. And in Wellington, the weather is king.

I’m looking forward to being home – the weeding, the knitting, the joyous reunion with my beloved Middle-earth (guilt free reading… w00t), my beautiful briard (she looks something like this when she hasn’t has a hair cut), and just chilling with the family. And boy, do I appreciate my family all the more nowadays.

The pensky file review went through the committee meeting yesterday, and I wholeheartedly agree with Dr Kylie’s assessment of the four default answers of a supervisory panel. (/Snerk.) Needless to say, I will acknowledge their concerns and do my own thing. I’m in my world now, I know what I’m doing – they need to keep up. I think all but my soon to be former supervisor found it strange how I delight in theology in literature. Blame it on an Oxford-inspired undergraduate course. Aquinas… here I come. So all in all, I’m optimistic, and some would say cocky, but I say far more confident of my abilities in this field now. I’m a medievalist again, hooray!

As for the knitting. I have 4 rows left of the sea swirl, and I wish I had done it on metal needles. The wood is too grabby, especially when you’re purling off looped stitches (can’t be bother to find the technical term for that…). I would have posted the Andy’s Argyll FO (but left the cable to attach my camera to the computer at home – so details and photos tomorrow). The socks will also get some acknowledgement, and mom’s present may too.

I’ve decided to take my mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo and the pattern for Ene’s Scarf away with me. That’s three good weeks of knitting right there. And I’m send my Schaefer Anne and the Swallowtail Shawl pattern down to Melbourne with Magpie so I can start that over the new year. I’m being so restrained with the travel knitting – I know – but when it comes to not being able to knit or have or knitting in your carry on luggage… there’s little you can do. Man, I can’t wait to finish the Christmas knitting. I’ll space it out over the year in 2009. That’s my second new year’s resolution. I wonder if I’ll manage to keep it? I know I won’t keep knitting resolution #1, but that’s to be blogged about at a later date…

That’s enough boring stuff for one post – I promise photos of knitting next time. And maybe some detail.