Without further ado, some FO’s from the mad festive season splurge and Lazy Lacy Summer…

First up, Andy’s Argyll. A variation on the Veronik Avery Men’s Argyll in her book “Knitting Classic Style.” It knitted up fairly quickly, maybe being a men’s small had someting to do with it.

(Looking forward to comparing it to the new Erika Knight Book “Men’s Knitting”, which is on my slow boat to Aus parcel – if I had known it had just been published and unpacked, I’d have flown it back with me).

Anyway, enough rambling… onto the commentary.
The back – 3 balls of Lincraft crepe. It knits to a very sturdy fabric when using 4mm needles. And I didn’t find it to prickly on either. While Andy is a tall lad, he is extremely weedy, so what fits me fits him – or so mom assures me. Still, I hope this isn’t too short.

The front. Frogged to the turn row and re-knitted 6 times before I gave up and decided to knit a faux plaid pattern instead. Time was an issue, and spazzing out was occurring. I crocheted on the vertical chains before making up the seams. That skill still requires much work. I am happy with the sleeve and neck ribbing – I used a knit row instead of the recommended purl between picking up the stitches and starting the ribbing. That made the look much neater.

Not a fan of the hem though, I will use double rib for about 5cm next time.

Detail. The DK crepe is far thicker than the HappySpider DK, which caused some warping, but I can live with it.

As I noted on Rav, my bug bear for the pattern came form the yarn – I really hate it when two lots are knotted together to form the length. But hey, what can you do?

All in all – the back took a week to knit – on and off in London. The front took slightly longer, due to all the restarts. The finishing and ribbing took an afternoon. He’ll wear it, it bright and unusual enough to suit his tastes. And if he doesn’t, I’m sure mom may steal it… It fits me, after all…

5.7 balls of Lincraft Crepe in dusty blue
0.5 balls of HappySpider No-name from OBDM
0.1 ball of Lincraft Crepe in red

3.75 and 4mm KnitPicks Harmony Circs

And a preview of the next FO – these are the pre-blocked photos (and it needs to be blocked). More photos to come…

This my Sea Swirl – the first FO of my Lazy, Lacy, Summer. It took 51grams of Live2Knit Mae in Seaglass on 4.5mm KnitPicks Harmony Circs. (Next time I’ll use metal needles with bamboo).
Very simple, and it show promise of lovely drape when blocked…

Now, just to finish mom’s hot water bottle cover, and then I’m free to knit lace and socks to my heart’s content…