monday’s child is fair of face…

10 years on from my sweet 16, and I still feel like a 16 year old (all awkward, self-conscious and shy). Ain’t that just the way? It was my cousin’s birthday yesterday – I’m 8 days older than she is, but we always used to argue about who was older (she was taller than I and ergo had to be the older one) – I found an old photo album yesterday and find the reminiscences to be somewhat bittersweet… (Happy Birthday Ali).

Moving on.

I finally had the birthday party I missed due to jet lag with my non-knitting friends. Only 4 bothered to turn up, which, I will admit, made me a little upset. Would photograph my presents, but the Magpie and I had to leave his present to me in Melbourne with the in-laws because it was just too heavy. But I digress. For my 26th birthday I got the copy of The Silmarillion I’ve been dreaming of for years from my Magpie

A beautiful Swarovski Crystal heart from my parents

and my very own mortar and pestle from two of my friends

I think the Magpie may have had a hand with that, because I’ve wanted one of these babies forever – bring on the pesto and dukkah!
I also got some beautiful mystery laceweight handspun from the blogless Jacqui (thanks Jacqui!!!!), which I entertained myself yarncaking with my new wool winder and swift (my birthday present to me – thanks to Donni for the enabling).

I also cast on a Sea Swirl for me as a birthday knit in that lovely Live2Knit Mae I won in the TdFKAL intermediate sprint. It’s going along nicely, the bamboo is a dream to knit with and the pattern lovely, but the joys of holiday knitting is starting to become slightly irksome. I’m afraid dad’s going to end up with only one pair of socks for Christmas… mom wants a hot water bottle cover, and I need to start that soon. Boet’s jumper, although on my hibernating pile actually grew 15% yesterday between the cleaning and the reading, so I should probably resurrect it and see if I can actually get it done by the time I leave in a few weeks. I think I can. This should be fun.

In the PhD news, the chapter outlines are done and the rationale completed, I just need to try write an introduction for the damned thing. That’s my mission for the evening. I really shouldn’t damn my topic — I haven’t been happier academically in years. That may have to do with acupuncture performing miracles on my back and neck, but I think it has a lot to do with actually having the confidence to know that I can do this PhD now, and do a better job than I would have done. Now, just to find me a new supervisor (just quietly, this is the terrifying bit).

My new big mission is mom’s birthday (and Christmas present), like I said, hot water bottle cover for the one, but the other…?!

Anyway, I need to get this intro sorted. And then I need to get dinner sorted.
It’s good to be back. 🙂