Ding Dong the Witch is gone!

New Zealand has a new PM! And as a kiwi with a huge student loan, I can only voice my enthusiasm with the hope that this guy may actually do something about the student loan scheme, unlike Aunty Helen who gave us 9 years of lip service and nothing else.

I do find it funny that they’re calling John key “right wing” and “conservative”. Well, National isn’t as militantly left as NZ Labour, they’re more centre left, so I guess that can be considered right wing in relation to NZ Labour. And conservative… well. He is an interesting character that one, shades of Malcolm Turnbull all over again. And I just hope he, like the other new leader-to-be in the free world doesn’t muck things up terribly. Because that would be bad.

I’m look at finding time procrastinating my revised proposal to put up some photos of the fieldwork trip tomorrow. That’s if I can stay awake long enough. It’s quite irritating actually, I can be fine for about 2 hours – and then somebody switches the off switch for about an hour – and then fine again, and then, etc, etc. I must say, if it weren’t me, I’d say that its highly amusing to watch, if not bordering on the absurd. Who wrote the manual for jet-lag-going-east for this body anyway?! It’s faulty and I want a refund!

I’ve got about 15 minutes to crash down for the evening, and I’ve now forgotten the profound thing I wanted to say. Darn it. Oh yeah, There are a few balls of stash (8 balls of variegated green cleckheaton bamboo, around 13 of patons vintage hues DK version – don’t believe the label, it lies – and a few balls of wine red Zhivago, amongst others) that I’m going to be listing on ravelry to trade or sell. I bought some really nice stuff in London and Cambridge, and the spring cleaning is of yarn that must go to a good home because it’s just going to be neglected with me, and neglected yarn is not good of the soul. So keep an eye out – will try photograph them soon and put it all up.

Okay, my profound point has been completely lost. I think its time to shut down. Stay tuned for photos…