Bright Meetings at Samhain

Finally, I’m in the UK during Samhain. The “right” hemisphere at the “right time.” We had the harvest moon here last week (or was that the week before?)It really was just gorgeous. To bring the supernatural into things, Most Haunted have been doing live shows at a condemned asylum in North Wales. Apart from the lass who “runs” the whole thing being a complete idiot – some things should not be messed with, and there is a point when enough is enough – it has been interesting. I went to Southwark Cathedral yesterday and lit some candles to commemorate the dead.

I have yet to see Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. I stood outside Harrod’s yesterday, but it was such a bad day that I just couldn’t go inside. I don’t think I’ll see the inside of Westminster Abbey either – it’s mid-term at the moment, so there are children everywhere – the bad day yesterday comprised getting pushed and shoved down escalators and stairs on three different occasions. All from kids running around and being silly. All the “touristy” places are packed – the Globe was too – even though it was covered in scaffolding, the Golden Hind could not been seen for the children on board, and don’t get me started on the tube platforms and children near the edge!

I was going to try see these two things today, and maybe even the Templar church in Middle temple, but the day was spent figuring out the British postal system, and sending most of the books we’ve bought home. (The rest is going to somehow get taken through as cabin baggage – even though the limits have been made even less.) So, it’s fun with packing tonight. One thing that I did see today – an impressionist’s sky and landscape – the colour of the sky, the clouds, the sun hitting the buildings – it was just amazing. If only my camera batteries weren’t recharging!

Oh yes – on Tuesday I took the Magpie to see Oxford – unfortunately it was about 2pm by the time we got there (he had to email people, a lot.) And the weather turned. So, I finally got to The Bird and the Baby, sat in the Rabbit Room next to the fire, where the Inklings did, and have my half pint (I’m a wuss when it comes to beer). And then, on the bus ride back to London – it snowed! heavily! in October! I mean, huh? My cousin, who works near Bank, was saying some colleagues had seen unmelted snow around St Paul’s. Whew. That was something, and boy has it been icy since. From muggy at the beginning of the month, to freezing at the end! I can’t wait to get back to summer.

Enough writing, I need to try get through my blogroll (and pack). If I don’t see you on the other side, I’ll see you Down Under!