To Do List:

(I’ll edit this list this evening, and comment on what I got done…)

  • Go to Harrods
  • Go to Liberty
  • Go to Selfridges
  • Vote at New Zealand House
  • Westminster Abbey
  • iKnit

They’re forecasting -2 to 5 with snow showers on Wednesday. Hmmmm… I’m not sure just how overjoyed I am at that prospect.

This time next week I’ll have just taken off from Heathrow, so its now the fun times of tying up the loose ends, trying to figure out how the postage system works in this country, as the posts offices I’ve seen are not the post offices I know. And trying to hunt down a box to send things home is turning out to be quite the interesting exercise.

But anyway. We’ve just hit daylight savings here, so I’m still adjusting to it suddenly being dark at 4.30. Shades of Dunedin all over again. Also, I’m looking forward to not having to calculate the exchange rate before I buy anything… 🙂