Turn again, Whittington, Thrice Mayor of London!

There seems to be much blogging about favourite knitting things. I have a few, my springing forward socks and the Magpie’s Thuja’s being the two most current – but I think my first foray into lace – tops my list. I still go “wow” when I look at it or snuggle under it. In fact, I could really do with something like that now…

My TdFKAL 2008 challenge. I conquered my mountain, and may there be many more to come.

I’ve been given the official go ahead to change my topic (that’s excluding the resubmitting of proposals, the meetings to reassure the panel that it’s going to be okay, the reselecting of the next panel, and new supervisor). This bit get me down – I have so much respect for my supervisor that it’s really sad to lose him – in all his absent splendour, but I have learnt from him. I just hope I have another nice, supportive supervisor. Seeing as I hardly know anybody in my department (shocking, isn’t it?), I guess I’ll just have to see. The thing they’re all worried about is 90,000 words in 18 months. I’m sure it can be done – but the job’s going to have to be pared down, and so it much of the spare time. Luckily, I can justify knitting to help think, especially when there is voice recognition software around, and all I can do is thank my lucky stars that there is – my wrists are aching just thinking of 90,000 words (that may be the weather and missing of glucosamine, but I think it’s more the thesis length).

So I’m back to my dearest Tolkien, and his The Silmarillion. The examination of the author’s representation of temptation/corruption, the fall, and redemption (if any), remains the same – it’s just the sources are now more defined (and medieval), I can brush off my theology books, and my Tolkien books, and I can do a thesis on a subject I am very familiar with, and in a time frame that I know can be done.

Andy’s pullover, however, is going to have to shelved. You see, I need to make something for said supervisor to say thank you. I was thinking of either a DK version of Henry, or Grumperina’s Shifting Sands Scarf, or another My So-called Scarf (all rav links) to say thank you. And I know he’s going to spend much time travelling during winter, so it may work, I don’t know.

It’s coming up to the last week in London, and I really can’t wait to be home. There’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be done, but I just can’t really work here, now that I’ve seen everything I’d come here for (and that’s all changed now anyway). Next week I’m dragging the Magpie back to Oxford, and we’re going to Canterbury (it’s a pilgrimage grete, you see) – Granted, it’s not in April with its sweet showers, but I can live with October and her crisp coolness, vivid colours and rain instead. I must still go to Westminster Abbey, and the V&A – a severe bout of asthma is not good for the sight-seeing, so really, bar Oxford and a revisit to the British Library, this week was a complete write off. Thuja #2 is done though – that was a highlight, and I think I’ll cast one the second pair of Christmas socks for the day trip on the bus to the City of Dreaming Spires.

(Token shot of knitting with famous landmark)

As for yarn. I’m going to try get to iKnit again on Monday – and Liberty, if I can find the damned placed. After getting grouchy over the Tapestry craft online ordering system, I had a good look at the prices of things like their Debbie Bliss silk and cashmerino. Even on their sale, it’s still cheaper for me to buy it here with the plummeting exchange rate. I wonder if I can justify buying some of that stuff now, knowing just how poor a student I’m going to be down the track… I’ll see how my conscience feels when I get to these shops (or how desperate I am to enhance my stash).

I think it’s time to wake the Magpie up. Besides the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum (swoon), we’ve got Carmina Burana at the Royal Albert Hall tonight (how very cultured and exciting). But there is a statue of one of my favourite detectives floating around Baker Street, and I need to find it. Maybe I should cast on another sock to pose with said statue. Maybe I should cast on a nice piece of lace… hmmmm. decisions.