In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbbit.

Thank you ladies, you managed to make me chuckle (which make the Magpie really happy too).

I’m still waiting on the official go-ahead on the topic change, but I’ve had a quiet “looks good, but I need to check” from my supervisor, and that’s also helped with the stress and the black dog. I was going to try get to the V&A, and possibly hop across to Waterloo station to go check the stock at iKnit, but I’m sleeping a lot and the weather’s not helping the asthma, so it’s a domestic day – there are dishes that need to be cleaned and laundry that needs to be washed. Also, a little of 45,000 Chelsea FC and AS Roma fans milling around Fulham Broadway for the Champions League match tonight effectively puts paid to any form of tube or bus transport out of Chelsea. Luckily, we walked home from Victoria Station last night, and it was quite a short and pleasant walk. I will go hunt down the new Daunt Books just down the road… I’ve already bought so many books, but I love the bookshops here.

With regards to the blog title, I went to Oxford yesterday. Whereas I found Cambridge a depressing and energy-draining place – Oxford was the polar opposite. Beautifully old and full of character – it was as I imagined it to be. Just beautiful. I did the Bodleian tour, and walked around the colleges. I’ll take Magpie there next week, and go walk around Christ Church gardens, and if I can, catch a bus out to visit Tolkien’s grave. But such a glorious place. Pity I could never do any work there.

Next week, I’m also planning to catch a bus to Canterbury and see the cathedral (and the city). There has been very little knitting due to everything else going on, but I’ve 20 rows of my Thuja left, and then I must concentrate on Andy’s pullover. I think my Cleckheaton Bamboo may end up as another clapotis. I have no idea what I can do with it, and clappys are just so practical.

But, I have some laundry to hang now, so I should go. Its starting to cloud over a bit, so I think the heating will be on before long. it’s finally getting chilly here. How wonderful. 🙂