Brain explosion

Yesterday evening was a meltdown time. The boiler in the place we’re staying “failed”, so no hot shower did not help matters. I’ve been struggling with the pensky file for months now – at least since my proposal review in March. But being here – I can see this poem has not been studied formally. Its been an uphill battle with the writing and the trying to get everything together.

So, after four months of agonizing and two weeks to confirm my suspicions, I’ve just asked to change my thesis topic. I guess I’ll know tomorrow morning whether its a yeah or nay. Fingers crossed. It’ll be a tough 18 months, but it would be tough either way.

To lift my spirits some, I’ve decided to outline my Long Lacy Summer. I was bitten by the lace bug during the Tour, and since accessories make the outfit, I thought it might be an idea to stash bust and enhance my wardrobe in one swoop. I’ve bought a lot of lace weight stuff this year, and fingers crossed I can get some more before the yarn diet of 2009. Also, I’m dying to get started. I should finish the thuja tonight, and get my brother’s pullover out of the way somewhere between now before my Wellington trip. I’ve also tried to knit the lace ribbon scarf in Cleckheaton Bamboo 6 times now, and frogged every attempt. I love Veronik Avery, but that pattern bores me. Maybe I’ll try something else…

And then there’s the lace! There’s a lot of lace. Where to begin? (All rav links, sorry): There’s the Cambria Wrap, Woodland Shawl, Red Emperor, Swallowtail Shawl, Sea Swirl, Adamas Shawl, Princess Lace Wrap, Stolen Moments Wrap, Luna Moth Shawl, and Queen Anne’s Lace, Snowdrop Shawl, Celtic Knot Stole, and Tuscany.

That is far too much for one summer. Especially if there’s going to be a helluva lot of reading and writing along the way. And I don’t even have all the yarn for it. But it’ll be fun to see how much I’m going to get through. I’ve put a sidebar up for the lace projects, and I want to get through it before I add to it. And, try get some addi turbos to knit with while I’m at it. I love my knit picks harmonies, but that join between the wood and the metal is starting to get irritating.

But that’s all to dream on. I’ve a flat to clean and a pensky file to ponder on. And maybe I’ll get an email back this evening saying go ahead. Who knows. I’m on tenterhooks. Time for a hot cup of rooibos and rain watching. Of course, I love the Museums and Art Galleries so much, I may decide to pair my special collections training with a curatorial qualification… it may work. But those are things to look at later.