A foggy day in London Town

There’s so much to do here, and so little time. The knitting is taking a lot longer because I’m always so tire – and don’t even get me started on trying to find yarn stores, let alone the price (cursed exchange rate – I’m a poor student!!!). I’m in despair. All this beautiful stuff, and I actually can’t afford any of it. And since 2009 is yarn diet time, I’m feeling very miserable at the state of affairs here. And the books… Oh, noes!

I’m actually ready to come home now. This past week has been incredibly draining. And there’s still two weeks to go. I want the warmth and the thunder showers and my office, and some time to actually assimilate the things I’m studying. I certainly don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much so far. I just want to cloister up somewhere and attempt to wrestle this pensky file into some substantive form so that it can be worked with, and I’d like a decent night’s sleep. And some of this wool and silk I’ve been whimpering over.

But, enough of the homesick whining. Maybe I should go figure out where I can afford to go tomorrow. That sounds like a good plan. I guess the knitting is going to have to wait a while longer… (And what I’d give for some decent asprin – this country sucks with their migraine medication).