early new year’s resolutions…

All my surreptitious yarn hoarding came to an abrupt halt yesterday when the Magpie beat me to the PO Box – he, waiting on a pair of headphones, retrieved a slip for an express post parcel and excitedly went in to claim his prize – only to be rewarded with a parcel containing my very first batch of mmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo. (Where has it been all my life?!) A skein of the worsted weight in the Tortuga colourway for another beech wood (this one to keep me snuggly on the plane), and some laceweight in Alpine Pearl for more shawl goodness. There was a rather snide and not a little miffed phonecall asking me just how much wool I’d bought recently (two days before, I’d picked up my Yarncakes Habu, and he was with me – I didn’t even have to show id – the post office staff know who I am). He has now estimated my yarn buying for the year and cost it at the equivalent (or thereabouts) of the Rancillio coffee machine he has his eye on. Quite a prince(ss)ly sum of money. We have, therefore come to some accord: I can buy yarn up until 31/12, and then it’s a Magpie-enforced yarn diet (with the OBDM exception). I will, of course, find a way around this*, but my George does need to go on a slight diet. And all my yarn has been bought with projects in mind.

So next year will be the year of projects.

Starting with the Summer of Shawls and Socks, and maybe a Fall of Cardigans and Vests, and a Winter of Jerseys and Blankets. Spring, I think, can begin with some new possibilities, as the Magpie will have submitted then, and there will possibly be new places to go and interruptions of my final writing up period. But I don’t want to think that far ahead. Just to the end of the year, and then by season.

Speaking of theses, mine had come to a frustrating halt – all this travel organisation, and report work for work – I’ve just been too exhausted/frustrated at the end of the day. It’s all there, I just need to sit in my office and do it – but I never make it there at the moment. I know this trip will be a watershed -I’m almost yearning for it so that I can spring into action once every location is seen and I can put the poems into their context, the letters in their place and comprehension into the illustrations. Yes, it will be a relief. I just wish life wouldn’t interfere so much.

But enough bemoaning my existence, I have a sock for finish so that the Magpie can have a pair to wear on the plane (and I can finish my beech wood so that I can have smooshyness to enjoy on the plane, and on the train, and on the bus…). Hoping to get to Floriade tomorrow, that activity will mark the last bit of so-called free time I have until I step onto a plane next week. So soon? Not soon enough.

*Like indirect orders, etc…