Go the Warriors!!!!

You’d think that, having spent the last few days quite ill from an episode at an Asian noodle house, the Magpie would have enough sense to not drag me into another one. You’d think that. But guess what… (Chicken and corn noodle soup seems to be safe, methinks). But my word, what a weekend.

The case was pre-packed with everything in it yesterday (trial run has it at 12.3kgs – including train knitting and the all important toiletries bag, so I think I’m fairly set for some yarn buying in the wonderful world of London and surrounds).

The EZ Ribwarmer was nervously sewn up and seamed… and I drown in it – so mom would drown in it. I followed the advice on the Rav boards to make one to fit a 34″ bust, and ended up making on to fit a 43″ chest. Not good for mom or me, but very good for the Magpie, who has promptly claimed his “genie vest” for lounging around the study in, now that its too balmy for his jersey. It fits him very nicely, as you can see…

And I really like that Shadow Tweed too. I’ll try again when I’m at home with 10ply and 4.5mm needles, or I’ll run the IK Fall ’08 past mom’s nose to see if there’s anything she likes in that.

And I’ve finally made myself a pair of Fetchings in Jet – and I love them! An extra set of cables at the wrist and knuckle and a thumb added to the pattern, but I’m really pleased.

Just in time, in fact, for the glorious spring weather… Just as well that I’m looking at some wet London days to break them in. Look what I snapped outside the Dept of Engineering at ANU when I was heading in to school on Tuesday…

And yesterday outside the Belconnen Markets…

Absolutely lovely.

Also, before I forget, I stumbled across this in Melbourne when I was there a few weeks ago. It’s the theatre directly opposite the one where Wicked! is playing. The only thought I have is Why?!

Oh, did I mention GO THE WARRIORS!!!!, and the Hawks! I know somebody’s going to have a great time at the Grand Final! 😉

Now, I think more travel prep is in order. And more Rooibos too.