7 things

Before I completely forget (and as the best form of procrastinating William Blake’s Letters), I give you the 7 things meme I was tagged for a while back, and just hadn’t got around to it yet (given the circumstances, I think I can be forgiven.)

1. I have three tattoos. The first was an 18th birthday present from my mom (yeah, she rocks), the second a very good friend designed for me, and the third was my 21st birthday present to myself, and I got it whilst on holiday in Melbourne in 2004 at a little tattoo shop at the Queen Vic Markets – just down the road from the backpackers i was staying at. I’d like another one, but that maybe slightly overkill. I haven’t ruled it out yet though.

2. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I was able to (and did) wear my hear in Princess Leia bagel-buns. (Yes, my hair was once that long)

3. I love the ocean, but I hate the beach. Let me clarify that. I love walks on the beach, especially when its stormy, but I don’t like lying on the beach – never been a fan. I’m more of a rock pool person.

4. I am a complete geek and proud of it.

5. I used to do dragon boating at high school. It was so much fun – I actually kind of miss it.

6. I was a fairy in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe it was only my second ever foray onto the stage (the first being a production of The Orphans of Qumbu. I can still sing the score for both. Singing in choirs wasn’t a problem, but I’d get horrific stage fright growing up.

7. My family is from a few little places around the UK. One of them is a place called Beer, and I’m going to try my best to go and visit the graves for my mother on this trip. The other place is Alloway, which I know I won’t be able to get to – but one day I will (apparently there is some distant relationship to the Burns clan too). There’s also Oundle, where my Laxton ancestors did some impressive stuff – but the genealogy story is a different kettle of fish altogether… 🙂

Right. those who haven’t been tagged and wish to do this meme, considered yourself tagged, and those who don’t want to/have already – hope you enjoying this episode of 7 things for 2008. I may see you on the next round in 2009. 😉