Who’s a silly chicken then?

I went out to dinner on Wednesday night, and foolishly (I may add), ordered the fried rice. It was a really silly thing to do, and I’ve got the food poisoning to go with it. Not pretty, not pleasant – I don’t recommend it to anybody. And the timing couldn’t be worse.

The only good thing to come out of it is the finishing of the EZ rib warmer. Wonderful pattern, incredibly simple and so nice. Now I just have to psych myself up to joining garter stitch together. I’m not a fan of seaming anything so this will be the real labour of love for me.

I also managed to break another pair of those Sullivan’s bamboo circs – the plastic “wire” just seems to crack and give out at the join with the wood without any warning. grrr. I suppose I should just invest in a nice set of DPNS and stop being so lazy and knitting with the magic loop.

Anyway. This time in 2 weeks, I’ll be in the air somewhere over Europe… how very exciting. When I feel up to it, I may even feel inspired to do a test pack and see how much I’m actually taking (remembering to pack light because I will be bring more stuff back with me. (Rowan anybody?! Twilleys? Jitterbug? Boutique yarn? Not to mention the end of season sales… My poor Visa card is cringing at the thought).

Anyway, I’m in dire need of some Rooibos and a sunny patch and some more Blake. So I”ll leave you with a TGIF! and hope you all have a good weekend. (And enjoy the footy/league finals. I know I’m going for the Warriors and the Hawks…)