Did I mention, spring is here?

Yay! I am back. Now to just find out when the next Tuesday SnB is… (FEI – I’m departing to wetter climes on the 2/10 for a month)

In knitting news:
My first pair of socks is done, and the second well on its way to being finished. How did I miss this amazing thing – sock knitting.

I hate Vintage Hues – its official. I just don’t like the way it’s knitting up – so the Bluebelle (what a lovely pattern) will be frogged tonight – I think I’ll overdye it in January when the weather’s warmer – see if that does anything for the colours.

I’ve just started the Midnight Express Vest – 43″ is way bigger than my intended recipient – so there will be some alterations there – loving the Shadow Tweed though – and garter stitch… what a refreshing change. The Argyll Vest will begin shortly too (well, the intarsia-ed front bits anyway) – will take the back and some socks with me to the UK to have some fun.

The LFS will go to NZ with me in Dec to be done, as well as some of Donyale’s Baby Alpacky in Habu. I’m sorry it was just too good to not get. It won’t be touched until after my birthday, and then, it will become a Cambria Wrap. Also thinking of taking some of my waratah lace weight back to NZ to become a Woodland Shawl and some of the trekking sock yarn too pretty to be made into socks to become a Knitabulous Red Emperor. I like lace – it knits up quickly, and after that pi blanket, I’m hooked.

The other little splurge of my yarn diet came when we stopped in Wangaratta for lunch on the way back from Melbourne. Whilst drawing money for the Commonwealth Bank, my yarn alert went off – and next door the shop was airing some Vintage Hues outside. Curious, I wandered past the gorgeous quilting fabric and fell upon one of the nicest selections for Filatura, Grignasco, Rowan, Jo Sharp, Annie Blatt, Naturally and hand dyed roving I’ve seen in a store (and the buttons!!!!) The Magpie, having “reluctantly” been dragged into the store (which, by this time I had discovered to be Sackville and Lane) now became the biggest yarn snob I’ve seen, finding the Silk Aran and Kidsilk Haze and Zara and bringing samples to show me, declaring this shop to be “the yarn snobbiest shop ever!” (I think he meant that in a good way). The perusing continued until he settled on the pale rose Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine and declared that I’d look lovely in it. With those puppy dog eyes, how could I not buy some? It was the cheapest I’d seen it – and there’s this Ballet Cami [rav link] I’ve had queued for the longest time. Then, he pulled out some Grignasco strong print and asked for some socks. He was apparently so impressed with the progress of his first sock, that he wanted more. My Magpie is a yarn snob, and I’m so proud!

But now, its getting as much done as possible in three weeks. You know, making a list, checking it thrice, etc, etc. Will be trying to make as many SnBs as possible. Failing that – lunch anybody?!