Of Yellow, Gold, and the March Hare…

Friday saw a parcel from QuiltingMick with a lovely needle book for me (to stop me from losing all my darning needles), and a pressie to be sent off to the US this week. I love Buttontree Lane such fabulous stuff Mick!

It also saw my copy of Knitscene Fall ’08 arrive not 3 days after ordering it from Colonial Lake Books after a recommendation from Tinkingbell. I will buy from Brenda again – the service and turn around time was amazing – and I want to knit half of that magazine!

My last surprise came in the form of my final sprint prize:
tour 2

A TdF water bottle with the map and the dates on the back. The Magpie looked at this one with far more interest than my bamboo – but I think he can keep his grubby little beak to himself -this baby’s mine! Thank you!!!!

Also, I finished my Ravelympic challenge: two hats and a wip all done, and the shiny badges to go with it. My new challenge is what to take to knit on the train in the UK… and seeing as I’ve managed to finish this:
first sock
with it’s twin to be done by the end of the week – my conversion to sock knitting is complete – they’re so comfy!!!! And the sewn bind off and short row heel are easy! Toe-up for life, methinks!

The pressure is on now to prepare for the trip overseas, and Melbourne next week. I’m trying to figure out where all the hours in my day go. At least we’ve have some gorgeous weather here, and things are starting to look spring-like. (Which makes me wonder, what exactly am I going to need to pack for London…?!)

It makes life all the more bearable.