10.05 the King’s a Fink!*

What a weekend. Apart from the cleaning and the shopping, it’s been one for the pensky file. Since I’ve been writing myself in circles, I decided to see what I’d missed on the first pass of articles. Getting there. And then there’s the paper on Milton’s influence on Blake’s poetry for the Milton Quadcentenary at the National Library of New Zealand just over 3 weeks after jetting back from the UK. Looking forward to it, Milton scholars are as nutty as the Blakean’s, and we’ll see what calm Wellington has in store for me. That’s still a big chunk of Milton to re-familiarise myself with. It won’t go to waste, that’s granted, and its good to know that I’m almost familiar enough with the Zoas to go straight to the page – not quite the line – yet. But the writing is still abysmal. The note are going well, but trying to get it on paper. Ei ei ei.

So, I did a little shopping. In 2003-4, I bought one of these:

An iRiver H340 – a 40GB grunty little beauty that played open source and lossless formats – and videos – I have my favourite Buffy and StarGate SG-1 eps on it, as well as my Honours and Master’s theses, photos, and all the other bits and pieces of my life that I can just plug into a computer and retrieve. The battery died a few months ago, and it was replaced with an iPod Gen 1 battery – they’re exactly the same, just one costs $20 and a self-install, and the other costs $165 and you send it away. The thing is Pallas (as she is called, my old laptop was Athena, and everything that attached to it had one of her titles), is now a good 5 years old, and, still a little clunky, and with everything she holds, I don’t want her getting bumped too much. I’ve already taken her running when I shouldn’t have…

So, after much thinking and soul-searching, I finally got one of these (thank you tax refund)

An iAudio X5 20GB system, with a voice recorder as well as everything else – AND it can playback FLAC files, with poor Pallas couldn’t. It should get it on Monday or Tuesday. It’s going to be loaded up with some favourite songs and some pod-casts to catch up on, and used greatly during train trips from Waterloo to Cambridge. A great knitting aid, methinks, and she can carry my thesis for me. Now, for a name. I’m thinking Beulah. (My eeePc is Ahania, so why not?!)

The knitting goes well. I guess, I wasn’t happy with Dad’s hat so it has been frogged, and recast on with smaller needles. Much better. Meanwhile my Vivienne is done and gone. She took 3 hours, and I love the pattern. Will definitely be done again! I used some of the Camelot yarn I bought at the OBDM. I didn’t like the variegation of colours in stocking stitch, but it looks lovely in a lacy pattern. So that’s my WIP wrestle done, and hat 1 of 2. Silly Ravelry deleted my dad’s hat entry – actually, my computer was doing really weird things yesterday… but I’ll get it finished, even if its not officially in competition!

As for my Francis. I don’t know why they rate Vintage Hues as a bulky yarn – I didn’t like the way it knitted at 6.5mm – it was too holey. I’ve swatched at 5mm and think they fabric’s much nicer (and warmer) for me. So, I’m going to use a Stefanie Japel pattern instead. (Like the 2-tone shrug I’m doing with a few balls of Jet I picked up at the Lincraft sale – such a nice pattern!!!)

Anyway. I’m on a yarn diet. Come November, I’ll have made a fair dent into my current purchases. So, having had a look at Twitchy Fingers‘ recent splurge, I think I wants some too, my Precious. Oh Yes. we likes what we sees. (Bell’s malabrigo pi [do you know how difficult it is to find a photo of that delectable shawl?!] was also a big selling point – so soft!) And, I think I’m allowed to splurge a little on my birthday. That is, if I don’t get my hands on beautiful soft yarn in the UK and spend all my sight-seeing money on the stuff and postage to send it home…

Enough rambling. I have refried beans to finish cooking and quesadillas to make. Oh, and track and field events to watch. Mmmbyes

*Big ups to the person who can tell me where that quote comes from?!