Lucky #8

The Civic Labour Club was a very nice venue. The Mars Bar Cheesecake wasn’t too bad either. The music got a leeeetle irritating, but they soon turned it down. Either that, or we didn’t notice it anymore. And Bells managed to rectify the cardigan problem – such a beautiful piece, and we all got to meet QM’s new “kitten” It’s so soft and beautiful.

I managed to cast on my Francis – finally. I reserve the right to remain dubious over the ball band recommending a 6.5mm needle. It’s not that bulky. Anyway, we’ll see how she turns out. And if she minds being neglected a little over the next few days…

The Beijing Olympics starts this evening. Many years of hard labour and god knows what else comes down to the next 17 days. It’s going to be an interesting one. But not as interesting as the Sonny Bill Williams interview last night. The poor lad does some somewhat confused, yes – but he’s been chorusing his desire to join Union for a while now, and he wasn’t happy. I don’t believe what they said on the Footy Show about “if he told they club he wasn’t happy and wanted to go, they’d have let him”. You don’t just let your superstar go. It reminds me of the then-young David Beckham, his disagreements with Sir Alex, and subsequent move to Real Madrid. Of course, there was no walking out of contracts (although that apparently nearly happened) – but the arguments are the same. If, however, Sonny Bill does end up playing inside centre for the AB’s… damn, that’ll be something to watch.

Anyway. Back to the important stuff – the wool is wound and sitting in buttontree lane bags – a skein of Waratah grey tweed and Camelot chocolate-lilac varigated DK. They’re ready and eager to go. Should be fun!