10 things…

1) Acupuncture is awesome
2) See above
3) see #1
4) Koigu is beautiful to knit with
5) The Magic Loop sock method is the only way to knit (she says, having not made it to the heel yet)
6)Kevin Pietersen is the new English cricket captain…. mwahahahahaha YAY!
7) It occurred to me this morning that I’ve a few weeks before I go to London. Happiness!!!
8) I have looked at my stash, and decided that I don’t need to buy anymore yarn for the year. (My Trekking XXL arrived today – SO PURDY!) Stash-busting needs to commence.
9)I don’t have a headache anymore (see #1 for reason)
10) All set for the Ravelympics, andreally looking forward to the cycling events.

That is all. Time to work on that Pensky file…