It’s oh so quiet… shhh… shhh…

It been a non-event of a weekend. I slept, re-read the Zoas again, took the plaster of my finger to discover it heals better when left to its own devices, and knitted some more of the Magpie’s sweater. He found the whole idea of the sweater curse quite amusing, of course. And I’ve now manage one side of the v-neck and half the shoulder shaping on the back. My tension and gauge is and has been spot on for the entire project, and all trial fittings have been fantastic until now – it seems to have managed to become g1g4n+z0r* across the back all of a sudden (yes, that is l33t. Why do you ask?!). I’m hoping I can block that out. Its supposed to be a comfy jersey anyway – his writing-up jumper to survive the cold of the study. Let it be stubborn if it so desires.

Most of the knitting was done last night during the AB’s thumping of the Wallabies. Go Boys! That restored (somewhat) my faith in the All Blacks. We missed Ritchie alright, and it still so funny seeing them perform a shortened version of our old hall’s haka. Yet, the Magpie still spent the second half grumbling. My Most Humble Opinion – dump Mortlock as captain and use Smith. That man was a far more successful and inspiring leader in the game against SA, etc. *coughembarrassedlookcough*

Back to the knitting… I just want the sweater done so I can start my Francis. I want something to travel in, damnit! And I want it done by mid-September. I guess I’ll have to see about that one.

On a very exciting note, my TdFKAL Final Sprint entry has me racing down the Champs Élysées with a few other short-listed entries (there are three of us from Quick.Stitch – well done ladies!!! I love your posts) – so if you can take some time to go over to TdFKAL, have a look at the competitors in the sprint and vote for your favourite – I think we would all appreciate it. We have until midnight 7/8/08 Paris time for the votes to be entered.

It have been a lovely Tour, so I must really thank Meg, and my team leader Angie for keeping spirits up in the team. 🙂

But for now, its a new week with a rather impressive opening ceremony to prep for coming up on Friday, and a trip to the acupuncturist tomorrow… needles of a different kind, yes – here’s hoping they help things along.

*g1g4n+z0r = huge