Thank you all for the messages of sympathy. Due to general mindfulness and some good doses of ZamBuk, the finger is on the mend. There will be an impressive scar though, but it, and all ts ligaments/nerve endings are intact. I tested that yesterday when, mindfully keeping my finger away from the door handle, I subsequently closed the door on it. There was more blue murder screamed from that than from the initial cutting. Luckily ice and panadol are magic soothers in that respect.

As for the knitting, I discovered that I can still knit (like I can still type), awkwardly, sans index finger – but I managed to finish my Beechwood just a day after my assumed deadline. I used a lovely DK Smoothie colourway, and, I must admit I’m really impressed with it. I’m not a fan of acrylic yarn, but this stuff… this is silky with a lovely stitch definition. Very nice. Of course, the pattern – easy to memorize was a relatively quick knit – it was my bus travel project, but I finished the 12-rows-that-didn’t-want-to-end watching Kung Fu Hustle last night – I love that movie!
Beech Wood – twisted and fastened
Folded down and fastened
As is..

Now, I’m just going to chip away at the Magpie’s jersey (only while watching the rugby tonight) , and let things be before next Friday… Then, the Christmas projects may begin in earnest. But today… today is rest day for the finger. And laundry day.
(I can’t believe how calm it is today after the squall yesterday!)

Coffee time!

ETA: photos!