Je vous remercie de tout coeur

I am such a lucky, lucky blogger. And for that reason, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all you wonderful women out there, that I will one day get to meet, if I haven’t already, and quite possibly give big hugs to. But before you write me off as having completely lost it, let me explain the reasons for my gratitude.

After some comments that came out of Melbourne, and the unhappy isolation that is the humanities PhD – I was really knocked back and have, frequently found myself wondering if I did try be a quiet mouse, would people like me more. Of course, I need to figuratively slap myself through the face a few times and tell me to be me, because to not live and act as yourself is the greatest disservice you can do to both you and the people who know you. I want friends and people to like me for the way I am, and think and write. And I consider those who I do interact with purely by blog and ravelry to be friends too. As the isolation of the PhD can be quite daunting, I do enjoy reading and living vicariously through other people’s yarn addictions, admiring the beauty of their handiwork, and the stories that are inevitably woven into the finished objects with the yarn.

I enjoy the community of knitting (and crocheting) – the many and varied people who love craft and handiwork and who come together and communicate and enjoy the experience. I had simply the most wonderful time at the last two SnBs here, and think there are now people there who know me well enough and whom I respect enough to be able to tell me to shut up good naturedly when I ramble off on a tangent, which am I wont to do on occasion (ladies, please, keep me on track, yes?) And the simple enjoyment of good company and wicked senses of humour and honesty are enough to keep my faith in humanity. There is too little of that left in the everyday world to not acknowledge and appreciate those qualities when they occur.

So imagine my delight, awe and humility when I get packages like these two in the post. Thank you, both of you wonderful women. May your needles and days be blessed for many years to come.

This arrived on Monday – I won a random generator prize on Donyale’s blog. My very first Koigu, a mini sock blocker on a key chain, and a cowl (almost in return for the one she won from me) in the most beautiful Aegean/Mediterranean blue – the photo does it no justice – it reminds me of photos of the water around the Greek Islands, and that pattern (called “Stash”) is just beautiful. I’m now itching to finish the Magpie’s béret and cast on some socks for my commute to and from uni. Thanks Donni, you rock.

This arrived this morning m1k1 for a comment made. I’d heard about her lacework, and seen some photos she had posted, but nothing prepared me for what I saw when I unrolled some tissue paper. A work of art in sweet pea purple – light to touch and warm – and simply perfect. Thank you, it is what I would call an heirloom piece – and I think my love for lacework is complete. And to top it off, there is a fantastic little book on afternoon tea at the Ritz London – complete with recipes and a directory of teas/history of tea. Now, I love a good English High Tea – but it was the Magpie’s reaction if nearly crying with happiness at the list of recipes (I finally have a Madeleine recipe – yay) that summed it up. Simply perfect. *sigh/grin*

I did watch the entire Tour stage last night, and quite simply couldn’t go to bed with the climb of L’Alpe d’Huez as riveting as it was – wow! what a stage!! – but it does mean I’m going to have to resort to some form of high concentrate of caffeine soon. A part of me wishes it was all finished so that I could sleep properly again, but in saying that, I finished the lacework last night and started the garter stitch border. I’m hoping to have that done while watching Bones/beginning of stage 17 – there are going to be some sore cyclists on this one. And hopefully I’ll be putting the blanket to its proper use come Sunday. My mountain challenge coincided seamlessly with the Alpine stage, and I am a happy person. Let’s do that again! There will be photos tomorrow, I just need to pin a section and wait for some decent light in order to take a picture. But… so close! Yay!

My Onion Soup (and the Magpie’s comment) managed to be short-listed over at the TdFKAL, and for the sounds of things there may be a photo finish amongst the breakaway group when the votes are all counted. It’s all very exciting. I think I want to do this again next year too! 😀

Time to write. I think I can do a bit more before work. But once again, thank you ladies for being so wonderful.