TdF – rest day

Go Cadel is all I can say – to come back from a crash and win the maillot jaune – I’ll be in front of the TV for a teensy bit tonight to see them all off.

The blanket is going swimmingly. QuiltingMick suggested a simple crochet-picoted edge when I finish it off. (The more I think about it – the more I love it. Now, I’ve just got to learn how to do it…). I think I can get it all done by the end of next week. Very excited. It’s been such a lovely project so far, and watching the lace just blossom with each row has been an utter delight. Yes. I have the bug. It’s all over now.

Today has been my off-day from school and work. I’ve come to the conclusion I should probably do this since I’m working and studying hard. Wednesdays will become catch up days – when extra readings or tasks can be finished. I’ve managed to get a fair bit of writing that has been sitting in my head down onto computer, and got a few more rows of blanket done on the lunch break.

The exchange rate with America has also meant that my credit card got exercised today – again for Christmas and birthday presents, and a few Cd’s I’ve wanted to get – the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull OST (I’m a big fan of John Williams), the Bladerunner OST (Vangelis’ electronica is pretty damn decent too), and the Aida Broadway concept CD produced by Elton John and Tim Rice. This is the third time I’ve bought this CD. I lent the CD to people on the first two occasions, and haven’t seen either since – but it is a very good Broadway CD. I’m looking forward to hearing it again. And then, there was george enhancement – but not for long. Some Trekking XXL to make socks for presents. Yes, that means there will be sock knitting. I will beat this antipathy I have!

Time to get that last stretch of writing done. Yes, it has been a good day – and seeing how productive everybody else is being in blogland has been encouraging too. Back to Blake’s mythopoeia. 🙂