Bastille Day

Instead of storming the Bastille, its time to take stock. This is the completed Section 3(c) for the Couverture de Forst. There’s been some fairly exciting racing on tv, so it’s coming along, but, like the climb through the Pyrenees, its now slow going.

This is what it looks like – that’s my beanbag it’s perched on with Bendy Ball #2, I”m pretty impressed with wool. It’s going to be a lovely blanket when finished.
These are my team wrist warmers. Yes, the QS is a little on the munted side, but that was my first attempt at embroidering on knitting. (They’re very comfy too).

And this is the latest addition to my stash – some gorgeous Happy Spider, a little bit of Camelot Yarn, Schaefer yarn, and a whole lot of Waratah fibres. With the exception of one or two – these are all going to be Christmas presents. I felt very guilty about the price and amount, but Magpie tells me that if wool and knitting makes me happy, then I shouldn’t feel guilty about stash enhancement. Isn’t he a lovely boy?!

I also saw Georgie and her delightful FO, the beautiful Princess Grace there, two very cold people harbouring a wonderful selection of things, and QuiltingMick, whose new etsy shop is fabulous. I’m going to get me a(nother) project bag – and a sonny boy bag when they are released! 🙂 Yummy!!!

But now, to finish planning the next month’s work and study – the countdown to the UK continues. And so does the blanket. 🙂