TdF – course review so far…

I’d like to think that I’ve kept up with the peloton, maybe even near the front – as a number of the King of the Mountain riders have managed to do. My lace even awarded me with two climb finishes, and now, as these last few rows of section three seem to be taking forever, it looks like I’ve calculated the really complex and evil lace section to coincide perfectly with the start of the mountain stages. Its going to have taken exactly a ball of Bendy 200g to finish what is roughly the first 45% of the blanket. It’s pretty much a lap rug as it stands, and having now deciphered the section 4 patterns for the shawl – there is the option of a shorter, m ore complex piece, or the longer, wider pieces – which would probably turn this into a queen-sized bedspread. So, I think I’ll take the more tricky pattern, and see how I go. The edging clue gets released on Saturday, and I’m not trying to see if its possible that I can knit six of these rounds an evening, if I can, I may be in the final sprint down towards the Champs-Elyees. But, its only the first week of the Tour. What I’m saying is crazy talk. I’ll have a photo for you of a section of section 3 tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be done and the camera batteries charged.

As for the team time trials – they’ve been finished (and wrist warmers are a godsend at the moment. Again, there will be photos, when the camera decides to play ball. 🙂

I start my new job on Monday, and now’s the time to do some research. (While I try get my head around Judaic mythology in relation to Blake).

A bientot. 🙂