TdF’08 – Parcours: Saint-Malo – Nantes S.3

The Tour for Stage 2 was replaced by the Wimbledon men’s final. I did find it irking that the Australian commentators had all picked Nadal to win before the match, which meant that there was radio silence every time Federer won a point in the first 2 sets. Every time. I stopped watching the tennis and started paying attention to the way they just ignored anything good FedEx did because they had already decided. It got so painful, I turned the tv off and went to sleep. ARGH! (That does mean I missed all those exciting falls during the end of the Auray – Saint-Brieuc Stage 2. Pity.

I did get to see the driving rain in Saint-Malo yesterday. Before the Magpie decided it was too late and switched off the tv. I’m going to need to train that boy not to do things like that when I have knitting in hand and chart on lap.

I’ve now finished section 2, and begun section three. Hard yards – seeing at clue 4 was published on and six on (luckily it remains 576 stitches) 94 rows before finishing. Yikes. Maybe I should have started this about a week ago…

Anyway – here’s piccies!

Sections 1 & 2 of the Couverture de Forst


I’m also loving how this lace pattern is become more relevant to the Tour as it knits up – I’ve for some leaves there – and there’s a bicycle-spoke – like repeat coming up in the next section. (And, as I rationalised here, some of the world’s greatest mathematicians were/are French (and this is a Pi shawl)… Anyway.

So far, I really like this pattern (so far). I will buy the finished mystery shawl pattern when it’s not longer a mystery – and there is another fibre day in my future. As beautiful as my glenora burgundy is, I think that’s going to become Icarus. Now that I’ve seen WithaQ’s I’m sold on that idea. And my Waratah is going to become aWoodland Shawl. One day, at least…

The stuffines in the nose is nearly gone, and my doctor has prescribed quantities of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) to counter the migraines. Any other suffers hear of this as a cure? I’m guessing the head cold didn’t help things, but apparently if I stick with this over the next 2-3 weeks, its going to be good. Of course, in 2-3 weeks, my headaches should be gone… Am I being too cynical again?!

I think so. Time to knit. 🙂 (AND read/listen to those teach-yourself-French-cds).

Au revoir.