TdF’08 – Parcours: Brest-Plumelec – S.1

The needles were out, and the cast-on was quick and efficient. All those time trials this past week have paid off. No real wobbles as the increases gave way to the first chart of the shawl/blanket, and I finished section one in time to sit and watch the last 30km of the race, and the wonderful finish.

I love Bretagne. I described in an earlier post that I was going to make this blanket/shawl forest green in a sort of reminiscence of the greenery of Brittany. I’m so glad I got the green right.

Section 1 of the Couverture de Forst

This bit was pretty straight forward, but I’m not looking to the 96-odd rows lace repeats come sections 3 and 4, and possibly #5 (which, I believe sits on 1152 stitches per round, and that will be my mountain challenge).

I’ll get section 2 done tonight, taking me up to 576 from 288 which is where I’m sitting now. So far, so good, but I believe things are going to get a lot trickier very quickly. (Will post that photo and updates to Ravelry as well when Flickr stops playing up).

The head is still incredibly stuffy, and transport doesn’t appear to help. So I guess I’m condemned to watching Tour highlights snuggled on a beanbag next to the heater with knitting in hand and chart in the other. I like this brain-reset time. It is a good thing, and very much needed. 🙂

Bonjour to my fellow racers – looking forward to seeing all these wonderful projects grow over the next few weeks. 🙂