Since it’s pretty much a done deal, I can now let the cat out of the bag. Remember that job I applied for? The one where I said “pick me“? Well, they did. Current commentary on the subject apparently states it was a given, I’m just over the moon that I got it. It may be famous last words – but I get to train/teach now, and that makes me happy. So yay.

Dragged myself into to school today to sign the papers, and have coffee with Jon Mee. Was fairly grateful that he took time out of his personal leave here to see me, and, tell me I’m mad and that my thesis sounds very interesting. Which makes me even more relieved and less stressed. I’m glad my department aren’t the only people who think I’m mad for researching The Four Zoas.

I’ll have had enough in a few minutes when I go get my haircut. I just hope I get more sleep tonight than I did last night.

And the Tour starts tomorrow. How very exciting!!!