my head asplode*

Remember I was telling you about that black dog last week?

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday because I’ve been living with something just short of a full blown migraine for the past 6 weeks (and it has blown up on occasion) – to ask her what was going on. After the full treatment – plus all tests to make sure wasn’t about to/or have just had a stroke – she declared that it was one of the worst tension headaches she’d seen, (not to mention the blood pressure) – and that she was ordering me to take take two weeks off for mental health – I’m not allowed to think about work or my PhD (hmmm, why hello there knitting). I managed to plead 10 days (yes, I know I should take all 2 weeks, but there’s something that I will blog about later that needs to be done first). Which reminds me. I need to find a decent acupuncturist.

So, having spent most of the morning tidying house for the inspection by our new landlord – who is very nice – and working on another baby jumper (there’s one that’s popped already and another due next month that I need to knit for: lots of baby stuff coming up) – and popping aspirin (only prescribed amounts) to get this head back in shape – before I go and wave my doctor’s certificate around the university, and then sleep some more. Its nice to know that I’m not going mad – I’ve just burnt my brain out completely and need to reset.

That means, some “me” time coming up – and trying to reset my approach to stress and post-stress situations, and relax before I start writing properly – all I do right now is tense up every time I look at my books.

So, knitting-y goodness and lots of tea and rest, and visits to quiet places for the next few days methinks.

I’m loving all the stories coming out of knitting camp though. Looked like so much fun!