Longest Night…

…or Litha to those in the Northern Hemisphere. It was the solstice today. Technically midwinter, yet, I am left wondering if we’re actually going to get winter here this year. It has been so mild, and fairly temperate. Nothing like last year (which I found cold). And they’ve been saying that this year was supposed to bring a long, cold winter. But not as yet. I wonder if that’s going to hit in August/September, or, if we’ll wake up next week to an extended cold snap.

The marking is finally finished. Not being helped by mark allocation by the lecturer that doesn’t actually punish those to plagiarise/incorrectly cite/quote/paraphrase and left creating an answer sheet to me. Yes, this makes me grouchy, and took 7 hours longer than it should have because of it. Now, there’s just the proof reading of a paper to be submitted by a friend with her application to complete a Masters in Dance Education, and a thesis chapter to write. Finally. I can settle down and write.

In needle news, the Clappy, is currently sitting at 50%, and I have a deadline of Friday for it. Should be done. I can get much done on the bus. Busy getting everything together for my Tour KAL. I’m actually quite excited about it. I’ll swatch when the clappy is finished. Not before.

But now, its time to knit to the radio streaming of the SA-Italy game (that’s going to be quite predictable, methinks), and bed. Its been a long day.



  1. So, we had our shortest night here in England, and our solstice yesterday, and we are left wondering if we’re actually going to get summer here this year!

  2. Oh it won’t be really cold for a few weeks yet. Sooo hoping for a long cold winter.

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