Not long to go now….

Well, “crossing Salisbury plain on a bicycle” may not be tres French, but G&S did suitably mock the English in this particular play to merit inclusion. And yes, I’ve decided to be ambitious… a polka dot jersey….

I’m thinking of something green for the gorgeous countryside they ride through, for the forests and the leafiness of Brittany, and in honour of all those that go and sit on chairs with lap blankets to watch their sport. Add a little mathematics to the equation – some of the world’s best mathematicians have been French: Cauchy, Legrange, Fermat and Pascal to name but a few…

I’m going to copy Bells and attempt to create a Pi Blanket(Ravelry link), with leafy lacy details in Bendigo Colonial 8ply in “Tartan” (which is really forest green, but anyway)…

I miss sitting in daylight hours and watching the Tour live – as one could living in South Africa, but its time to put on the jersey and battle the mountain. I think this is going to be fun!



  1. I think a blankie is by far the best option to be knitting for the Tour, especially if you will be doing the up-late live coverage. I found to my dismay last night, while trying to do something as simple as ribbing while watching a recording of a Euro2008 match, that I have lost my Supreme Knitter Status (awarded by me to me) and had to constantly look at my work. But it was sticky silk/wool on bamboo needles. Maybe that was it.

  2. Oh sounds like fun. The blanket will be beautiful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

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