Days like this remind me of Dunedin….

… the only thing missing is the salt tang of sea air in the chilly wind.

What an exhausting two weeks. I’ll post photos tomorrow when I’m having a break from marking of the two very cute Burmese kittens we went down to visit in Melbourne.

The end of the marking is also in sight, and the PhD is getting back on track. It’s all happening slowly. I know just need the sleep to get enthusiastic about it all again.

I also discovered they US Masters at Torrey Pines is free to air here in Australia. I think I’ve found something else to knit to early in the morning this weekend. And there’s rugby to knit to in the evenings. Hopefully, the clappy and the Magpie’s jersey will get finished quickly at this rate!

But, more later. I need to go brave to cold and rush hour on the bus…


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  1. rugby makes for great knitting time i think. thanks for the great coach too, or do you go fof the boks?

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