ponderings on that meme…

The EeePC does need a cover knitted – I agree with Michelle. It was actually the first thought that occurred to me when I was holding the box in my grubby little hands. I have some and was thinking of a nice pattern – there are a few in the copy of Enchanted Knitting I have from the library at the moment. Possibly in Smoothie DK – I’m still plotting that one. Thoughts?

As for my meme – millions of jobs. I started part-time work when I was 16, and I usually work more than one part-time job at a time – especially while studying – and in my honours year I work 3 jobs and studied full time – in the first semester of 2005 I was studying 2 master’s degrees simulatneously and 3 jobs. No, I didn’t have a life, and it did only last for 4 months. There was quite severe burnout from that. I settled down to 2 jobs, tutoring and an MA after that… I’d say I’ve been consistently busy ever since then. Of course, you need to, when your student loan only pays you $150 a week, and that doesn’t quite cover your rent – the joys of inflation and a government’s woeful neglect of students. The worst job was my first job – the janitor. I’d applied for a position as a checkout operator at this bakery, and on the second day of the job, they handed me a mop and bucket and told me to clean the toilets, the rubbish bins and throw out the left overs. I never saw the front of the shop or the cash register again. It was disgusting, both the people who worked there, and the level of filth they’d allowed to acculmulate. To this day, I don’t trust cornershop bakeries. The best job I had – would tie between three – rugby manager, high school teacher and director.

In my second year at uni – we girls decided to challenge our big rival res to a game of “The Code”. We had an All Black as our coach, and another rep as our assistant coach, and we all trained hard… until the day our captain managed to dislodge my kneecap in a brilliant tackle. That put me into “management” – since I was more organised than the boys, and did just that – organised the kit, the no 1’s, the “court session”, time, date, venue, and everything else. I would have loved to have been on the field, but it was fun enough on the sidelines.

The high school episode spans half a year – I taught year 12 English, Classics and Media Studies (and had a whale of a time – Macbeth, Alexander the Great, and Steven Spielberg Movies/Advertising analysis), was a year 8 homeroom teacher, and taught various grades IT and Computer Studies. I have to say, this confirmed things for me – I’m a teacher (I blame the genetics on my father’s side, my brother does too). I enjoyed taking the senior high school classes, but I could never remain sane teaching at primary or secondary level. (Teaching assistant at uni courseowrk level was gruelling, but I escaped with more of my sanity intact than I did with high school…)

And the directing… 4 years, 4 one-off shows, 4 never-again…-sign-me-ups!. The first play was high school, it ran for 4 nights, the next 3 were Shakespeare challenges, and again, I will never have as talented a cast as I did the year I did Macbeth (think 1920’s gangster – the heath as a lounge bar, and the witches as flappers), it was so much fun, so mentally exhausting and emotionally draining – and what you put out far exceeds what you get back. But people were still talking about that play years later. The 4th was a skit for a capping show – my baby from concept to completion, and landed me writing and stage managing roles for the next 3 years in the Capping Show proper. 6+ weeks of sheer madness, dangerous levels of Red Bull and V with little or no sleep, and 2 weeks to recover.

Yes, I think I do have one of those personalities. I’m not a single project only girl. Now, if only I could find more hours in the day…