I’ve won something!

Thank you everybody, for being so nice. I feel like a right git for complaining so needlessly. Yesterday was just a very dark day, the darkest I’ve had in a while. The Magpie stumbled acroos the entry and also told me off. So I’ve drafted that complaint, and will now attempt to straighten up and fly right. I will take people up on offers for lunch/coffee on the flimsiest of excuses ;P (not that a jacket is ever a flimsy excuse). Now, just for payday to arrive.

And thank you GingerKnits for the lovely prize, I haven’t won anything in such a long time. (And the bag I bought is simply fantastic! Worth their weight in gold). That helped make my day. Along with the hat I’d got the day before from QuiltingMick. I love it, I wear it everywhere now.

Am trying to finish that one-row scarf this weekend. Then, onto bigger things. And food. A friend has just made us mushroom risotto… very nice.



  1. You sound a bit chirpier. So glad you love the hat – your excitement about it made my week.

    See you monday night SnB, hopefully!

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