I hade by hed.

Bah. Head stuffed with cotton wool, and I think my chest wants to explode on me. 😦

I haven’t felt this bad since… why this time last year. Canberra really doesn’t like me. And when I just want to sleep all day and not move – eat, knit, read. Then I know I’m sick. This is now week 2, and I think its getting ridiculous. I thought I was ready for school yesterday, but clearly not.

I’m going to try again tomorrow because, dammit, I have to be there on Thursday and Friday to make the money I spent buying knitting books on Amazon on Sunday. (I love the exchange rate with America at the moment. But my credit card doesn’t. But the banks do. Oh well, pretty, pretty growing library.

The Magpie is trying to tempt my appetite with proper, beautiful home-made pizza.My appetite is still deciding. I’d better check my mail and go back to bed. I feel sleep calling again. Bah.

I just want to knit. /cries.



  1. You have to go to work on Thursday just to get your hat. I sent it today. But I hope you actually feel well enough by then.

    Even if Canberra doesn’t like you, we all do. And don’t take it personally. I’ve been here 17 years and ADORE the place, yet have been off sick 5 times this year. Most other people I know have been just as sick.

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