And the winner is…

After writing the names and putting them in a beanie, the Magpie drew the winner and it was… (sorry the photo is actually too blurry – and we attempted several shots) DONYALE!

Congratulation Donyale! I’m in the middle of finishing off your goodie bag. Let me know what your postal address is via email, and I’ll be sending you a parcel next week.

Speaking of goodie bags…This little baby is mine. I got it last week (thanks Ginger Nut it is awesome! I was using it at a cafe this morning to hold sock wool and marvelling at its coolness. So I thought I’d just be smug and blog it.

Now, I think I can safely go back to trying to be a Blake scholar… just for a while longer. 😉



  1. Wow! How amazing! Donny’s address is the same as mine! So I’ll send you my address and you can send it all over to me and I’ll make sure she gets it. 🙂 That OK with you, Donny?

  2. Wha? Me? Yay! No way Mary-Helen – what-ever it is it’s MINE mwaahhah ahahahhhhahhh.

    BTW – Fanks! Can’t remember the last time I won something.

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