you’ve got to be kidding me!

Whew, the end to another schmeh week. Fairly draining, had meeting number 2 with the panel:

“Brilliant idea” they said
“very original” they said
“one problem: you have at least nine thesis questions in your proposal. Pick 1 — at the most pick 3 — that make sure it all ties together neatly.” {headdesk}

Having just fried my brain over are getting everything together, and extra shifts in the library (to make up for my teaching in Melbourne next week) my care factor has dropped to zero. Scratch that. Less than zero. It’s 10 o’clock on a Friday night and I’m sitting in an office up to my ears in journal articles; having spent the day performing tasks that were really, really, very bad for my wrists. I was very careful, and took many breaks, but boy, am I feeling it now.

I’ve got that “I want my mommy” feeling. The sudden onset of winter may not be helping this at all either. I had some knitting plans for the weekend, more work on the my so-called scarf for S, some work on the mystery item for my hundred-post (next post, btw), a hat for me, dashing for magpie, and quite possibly the an American in China socks for the magpie too. Very ambitious, not going to happen. My XML and Metadata knowledge needs some brushing up, and then there’s all these damned pieces of paper threatening to take over my office, and the refining that needs to be done.

I really shouldn’t be complaining/ranting so much. I haven’t come down with anything, yet.*touch wood* I just feel very frustrated with my brain and my body. The Easter holidays was probably the worst thing that could have happened to me roll-wise with regards to my studying. How am I going to get back on track quickly? Where on earth do I start? And why can’t they show Super 14 rugby on free to air TV in this country?! Savages and Heathens! I miss my rugby union, and commentary streamed live from New Zealand radio doesn’t help much.

Actually, I think I am homesick. Ah. That makes sense. I think I need to go home and listen Shihad. In fact, I think I will.



  1. Hope you had a good sleep… Can you take a few days off the thesis thinking. I suspect that everything will seem clearer if you can. You can’t hurry the brain, even a young brain like yours. 🙂

    I was in NZ last week and it felt a bit… well, quiet. I don’t quite dare to say parochial, but…

  2. Having lived with an RSI sufferer for way-too-many-years, I would suggest that a lot of your wrist pain is tied up in your neck and the stress you are currently under. Take some time out, as M-H suggests. Go and get a massage, take a long walk down near Lennox Gardens (it’s my happy place) and stop thinking so much. Things might be a little clearer after some mind-clearing activities.

    I hope you have a superb weekend!

  3. Thesis panels can be tricky like that. My recommendation is to not worry about it just now, and then in a few months see if some of those questions are actually subsets of the others, or of something altogether broader.

  4. it is beyond the pale that there is no ra-ra on free tv here. not that i care to see the ‘tahs play like a bunch of LOSERS yet again but still, it would be nice to have the choice. and i echo what gretchen said. i had about 20 questions until my very final draft at which point i was more than happy to wield the knife. it was only at the end that i realised exactly which one was the important question, and by then it was too late! so go with the flow and you will see which ones sustain your interest.

  5. and maybe you have topics for at least half a dozen other publications?

  6. Argh on so many levels! Sounds like too much to think about, and sore wrists are just the ‘icing’ on the cake. I find heat packs help my hands when they’re bad…

    My son has started his own band, called Rodeo (you heard it first here, people), and one of the 3 guys (they’re all in different places) is Jon Toogood’s nephew! How COOL is that?!

    Hope you’re feeling less stressed ASAP!

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