My Magpie’s first FO. His Easter project in which we learnt how to knit in the magic loop method, in the continental style, double rib, casting off, buttonholes, and decreasing. All on 3.5mm’s with 4ply thready merino. He has been bugging me to put these up. So here they are:

And with buttonhole detailing…

And my FO – My one row scarf, Jet on 5mm, 3 balls exactly. Yay! Wore it in today. Nice and toasty!

Decided to make “my so called scarf” for S, since I’m tired of moss stitch. Using Inca and 7mms. Turning out very nicely! Photos at the end of ball 1.

Also, discovered that I have a book review published, actually, its been out since Jan last year, but it took my mother to find it being sold on Amazon for me to get official confirmation of the publication. I don’t know whether I should be amused or irked. I think I’ll go with the former.

Okay, the Magpie awaits. Later!



  1. Cute FO’s! The ipod case is really cool. I need to make myself one soon.

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