AAAAAAAAAAARGH! Maybe its because I’m part time, maybe its a million and other things, but when it comes to my job, I just want to break things at the moment. But I’ll be quiet about that. Maybe I should just make my librarian training the more important moonlighting activity once my contract has ended… hmmm.

Frustration aside, I managed to get my CAVAL handouts finished and in yesterday. Now I just need to brush up on my XML compliancy and away we go! I have two very different groups to teach, and an actually looking quite forward to it. All the hard prep is finally done, and now I can enjoy just teaching. Ah.

The Roam has been cast aside in frustration. I still haven’t finished that first damned sleeve – that last inch before the decrease seems to never end. I’m sick of moss stitch, and I think I need something mindless to do. Like all those items I owe people. And a nice cardigan for me. *sighs* Anyway, looking at things to knit for Chan’s baby has made my ravelry queue go mad. I’ll think of it as one giant stash bust. (well, of all that I have accumulated so far, anyway…)

I think I need some knitting and some white tea. The finger and thumb are looking and feeling better, so I might as well see what I can do. *fingers crossed*

Before I disappear, does anybody have a of the 2006 winter Interweave Knits that I can have a quick look at?