Its good to be home.

What a draining weekend.

The drive down to Melbourne on Thursday went very well. The Magpie was paranoid about the speed limit, so hopefully there will be no tickets in the post in the next few weeks. Somebody should really do something about those giant trucks that go like the blazes though – heavens!

I didn’t get to see as much of Melbourne as I wanted to. In fact, I had all of 2 hours on Sunday at the Ian Potter centre at the Game On expo, and that was it. But now that the family knows that we may be back often, they won’t demand all of our time.

So, I didn’t get any more wool. 😦 And between the Magpie’s uncle’s bone-crushing handshake (I really needed my wrist brace after that), and slamming my finger in the car door, knitting has had to take a back seat (on that note, my voice recognition software is working brilliantly, don’t you think?) The Magpie has conquered the magic loop in the meanwhile, and has nearly finished his Easter project – a cover for his iriver. He is terribly proud of it, and keeps pestering me to blog about it. I’ll post a photo once the flap is done. I think he’s hooked.

So not really that much to say. It was a relief to come home to a comfy bed – the trip back took 9 hours – the weather was disgusting, but at least there was rain! It was lovely to see his whole family once again, and I miss Melbourne.

But now, to work, and to try get my hand better so I can finish scarves and hoodies, and start knitting baby gear for a good fiend in the UK who is expecting in early August.

I may even need to think of a knitting machine one day. It’s cheating, I know, but still…



  1. bummer about the sore hand thing. and the no yarn thing. and i know its of no comfort to you but i am very impressed about the mastering of magic loop by the magpie and i look forward to seeing his efforts!

  2. Honestly, he picked it up and went. First attempt. I’m sure he was an old, knitting, fisherman’s wife in a past life.

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