planning begins

So, the chapter is away to the panel and now I can start researching and drafting the thesis proper. The proofing comments from my favourite English teacher were not nearly as terrifying as I had originally anticipated. In fact, he was quite impressed! Maybe I do know something about this after all.

We are currently planning the trip to Melbourne, with the intention to leave at sparrow tomorrow (I’ll believe that when I see it). It was quite a full on weekend, but we are definitely looking forward to the drive — and actually seeing Australia — even if it is from the highway. I am now currently hatching plots to justify a detour via Bendigo on the way back to the ‘Berra. I wonder if tempting the Magpie with a wool mill may work…

My Knit Picks Harmony needles are very, very pretty. I am planning on trying them out on the road. I’m thinking of something mindless, considering were going to be driving seven odd hours, and something easy would be nice. I still have to finish my one row scarf, so that and Sean’s new scarf are the options. The Roam is going to come with me, that sleeve will not beat me!

Now, for the hundred-up post: I think a nice little care parcel is in order. My hundredth post is coming up fairly shortly, and I have decided that I will do a lucky draw for all those people who are kind enough to comment on it. I will get the Magpie to draw out one name from a Fibonacci beanie, and will get that sent off, hopefully within two weeks of the draw. But more on that later.

Well, I have a lot of scurrying about to do before tonight, so if I don’t post before Easter — I hope you all have a safe and pleasant weekend, and I will see you on the other side.



  1. Have a great time in Melbourne! I’m headed there myself in a couple of weeks.

    Bendigo is only 1.5 hours from Melbourne (head up the Calder Highway and you can’t miss it as it passes right through), but it actually takes us longer to get home from Bendigo (via Rushworth and VioletTown) than from Melbourne. Not discouraging you – it is really beautiful country around Bendigo, and worth the trip!

  2. Have a safe trip and a great time!

    The bakery at Holbrook has good sandwiches, but the pies and sauasage rolls have gone downhill. Benalla (although off the h’way) is very lovely and has a good bakery too – with great pies!

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