TGIF again.

My dad finally got something something published. It’s taken me years of prodding and nagging, and finally, he got the email telling him his article on Five Factors of Effective Teaching is out. Okay, so it’s only a little journal, but I’m hoping it’ll make him write some more, because he is an amazing teacher (so all the teachers who he taught that taught me, told me, and as I finally found out); and he writes so eloquently. It’s also a very good, common sense article – I just wish more teachers and lecturers would take these factors into account. So anyway, I’m just a chuffed academic though. I blame him for my teaching gene, so I’m just going to plug his work to encourage him some more too.

And it’s my Magpie’s birthday tomorrow. His brother, Moop, aka, the designer of that fabulous “business card” that I blogged about (#5), is coming to visit for the weekend, and we’re off to Skyfire, and (hopefully), the Turner to Monet exhibition at the NGA, because I love landscape, and I love Palmer, Tuner and Constable.

The TPR chapter is all finished and tweaked, and currently being proofed by my favourite teacher (see first paragraph), and honestly, its the first time I can say I’ve been happy with something I’ve written in years. I know that it’s going to get completely rewritten in about 18 months, but, I’m happy with it now. And so, I can translate my Anglo-Saxon readings (there is an Old English reading group on campus – how cool is that?!), knit, and prep for my next chapter without feeling too stressed. I like keeping on top of things.

I’m as close as damnit to finished that first sleeve, and I’m thinking about getting the Tudora done on the weekend, as to get a sense that I’m actually getting somewhere.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend all of you, will try get in to Civic on Sunday, but will probably be at the NGV. Enjoy skyfire, and I might see you there!

(And I may have to do a lucky draw thingy for the 100-up post for a mystery parcel with goodies in it. More later when I know what goddies will be in said parcel)…


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  1. Congratulations to you dad. And, it seems, to you for pushing him a little.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Turner to Monet exhibition, am just trying to work out a good time to get there. Proabably it’ll be during the Easter weekend.

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